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  1. Bruce Ikeda

    Hi Jil,
    This is Bruce, brother in law of Karina.
    It’s been long time no see, I think it was like 6-7 years ago when we met at WK lab office in Tokyo. Thanks for the great article at that time.

    I heard you are doing artist rep type of thing from Karina, and I am planning to start similar thing focusing on music+visual artists mainly in Japan. It’d be great if we could catch up sometime and hope we can collaborate somehow. Anyway, I might go to Taipei for Hifana shoot in July/August, will let you know once its fixed.


    • jilwu

      Awesome! Pls get my personal email from Karina, will see you soon in Tpe? I love hifana music and their presentation, send me their recent looks, maybe get them to shooting in Taipei?!

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